Jasmine – artystyczna lalka szmaciana


Jasmine is a spring girl. Jasmine is about 15 inch hight. Her face, torso, legs and bum are felted. She has carefully embroidered brown eyes and wefted mohair hair (strawbery) . She has ears and navel. She will travel home with clothes: linen pink dress finished with cotton lace, cotton pinafore, knitting mohair scarf, linen panties, cotton socks and crocheted shoes. Her beautiful wreath is handmade by EKO wianki Each flower is made of paper.
Her body is made the doll jersey from the Laib Yala Swiss tricot and stuffed with quality carded wool.
She is created from the best natural materials. The seams are sewn very carefully for durability and a long life. Jasmine is made with a lot of care and love.


a to ja z Jasmine

Jasmine i ja

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